The wine by Cantina Polenta

Rosso Conero, white, rosé: discover the wines of Cantina Polenta.

It is from the famous and excellent wine variety Montepulciano, that the famous Rosso Conero was born and gains its typical organoleptic notes from the surrounding area: the Monte Conero, the Mediterranean area and the sea.

So the wines of Cantina Polenta are born from our vineyards: The Rosso Conero Poy and The Accipicchia, the rosé Vespuccio , the white Eto's and many others.

Visit the Cantina Polenta website to know the whole production.

Extra virgin olive oil, preserves and salami

The genuine products typical of the Marche tradition are the result of love and passion for our land

The "Agriturismo Accipicchia" produces excellent extra virgin olive oil, obtained by cold pressing of the olives from the olive grove, following the oldest and most rigid traditions.

Vegetables and fruist are ever-present in our farm. Dusting off old recipes of the local farmers, we produce classic and extravagant fruit jams such as elderberry, arbutus, green tomatoes, plums and apricots, oranges and eggplants, zucchini, lemons and strawberries.

At last, we can’t miss sausages, absolutely genuine as well, coming from animals bred in a healthy environment and traditionally fed without the use of GMO feed, chemical preservatives or hormones. Taste our marinated lonzini pork, smoked turkey ham , smoked beef and smoked bacon: it's a promise: you will not be disappointed!

Agriturismo Accipicchia
farm and farm holidays, restaurant in the Conero Riviera.

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